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Rob Waring's Bibliography


Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition / Applied Linguistics / Second Language Acquisition / Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language / TESL / TESOL/ ESL / ESOL and Language Learning

Last updated May 2003

Below is a text file of references to work done on vocabulary, second language acquisition and the teaching of second languages from many journals and books. Theoretical work, research and teaching tips and more are all referenced here. The file is database ready. Feel free to download it and import it into your favourite database program. I DO NOT recommend printing it. It is over 1000 pages long and you'll never find anything before you get cross-eyed. There are about 32,000 or so references (records in database terms), the latest are from 2002, the earliest from the 1640's.

The idea of the database is for researchers to import it into a software database program such as Filemaker (Mac or PC - a downloadable trial version is online) to search for items of their own interest. I had considered making files for individual topic areas as separate files, but that is high maintenance and it would be easier if you make the search for what you want yourself. Once you have imported it, you can then search for work related to your own, add your own references, delete ones you don't want and sort the references by date, author, or whatever. Of course, you can print them out too.

The plain text file is accessible cross-platform for Macintosh or PC (or UNIX or Linux I guess), and is not crippled in any way.

There has been no attempt :-

* There has been no attempt to be exhaustive and cover the field completely.
* There has been no attempt to use any consistent referencing style. It's all jumbled up.
* There has been no attempt to abstract or otherwise annotate these references.
* I have made no attempt to thoroughly check each reference.
* There has been no attempt to correct all spelling mistakes although I did have good go at it.

Importing the file into a database program so you can search it.

Click here for some guidelines if you don't know how. If you have Filemaker, or a trial version, there is a simple database template for macs (bibliog.bin) and another for PCs (bibliog.fp5) (I hope I got it right) or you to use if you wish. If you use the template, you might want to quickly look at the guidelines page anyway to see a bit about it. You will need the main file as well, of course. If you don't have Filemaker or do not intend to use it, then you may wish to look at the guidelines page anyway.

Source of the references.

The references are compiled from Paul Meara's Swansea Vocabulary research group's VARGA resource. Paul Nation's and my own bibliographies and databases and from countless others who have helped. There is a separate long alphabetical bibliography compiled by Michael Shand (link broken). It appears to stop at about 1992.

I welcome any additions or a copy of your own references / database even if they are not all on vocabulary. If you have your own database or file of references that you use and would like to send it to me, I'll edit it and put those missing in the next edition. If possible, please try to send me items which are in the same fields as the database.


Feel free to distribute this database to anyone who needs / wants it. It is not copyrighted, but if anyone wants to put it in a commercial package, please ask me first. If anyone wants to use the main file as the source for a web-based searchable database and put it on your website, please contact me first so I can help you with the formatting of the file.

At last ...... the file.

Sorry about making you scroll to get it.  DON'T FORGET TO SAVE IT AS *TEXT* WHEN IT HAS FINISHED LOADING. Depending on the kind of connection you have, it may take a while.

Oh, some people email me to say they have only got the 'A's. They just did not wait. They just did not wait till the whole file loaded.  Scroll to the bottom and check the last references author starts with a Z before saving the file.

Oh, if you feel it is worth some money, send some to a charity of your choice. The file is here. Remember it will take a while. Enjoy!

Contact Info:

You can contact me at the following addresses.

Rob Waring
Notre Dame Seishin University,
2-16-9 Ifuku-cho,
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