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Second Language Vocabulary


Last updated 20/04/2015

This page contains some resources for those interested in second language vocabulary acquisition. Primarily it is a site focused on second language vocabulary. 

For Teachers

The Word Frequency Lists. These are lists of some of the more common words in English. And a second list of lists.

There is a collection of articles on the how and why of vocabulary learning in a foreign language.  The topic include

A collection of 'How to...' Vocabulary papers.

Some presentation papers

Interview with Paul Nation (video)

For Researchers

There is a 32,000 entry bibliography of second language acquisition and learning related references (many of which are to do with my specialty of vocabulary). This is text file ready for importing to your favourite database. It's free.

There are also some papers I have written. Including my Ph.D. on second language receptive and productive vocabulary tasks.

There is a page of papers given at JALT by the Cardiff Vocabulary Research group members.

I have included a page on places to look for vocabulary related information.

You may be interested in the Cardiff vocabulary research group run by Tess Fitzpatrick. It is a distance Doctoral research program.

There is also a section on Extensive Reading

Contact Info:

You can contact me at the following addresses.

Rob Waring
Notre Dame Seishin University,
2-16-9 Ifuku-cho,
Okayama, Japan 700-7068

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