This page reports some of the CALS Network Papers that have appeared at JALT Conferences


Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition

This colloquium reports some ongoing research from 5 members of the Vocabulary Acquisition Ph.D. Research Group at the University of Wales, Swansea, UK. Click for more information about CALS.


JALT 2002

Andy Barfield  Learner Constructions of Collocational Use  This is a straight download as a MS Word rtf file.  It is not a web page because its graphics do not work as a webpage.

Brent Wolter  The word association / proficiency test: Can it still work?

John Shillaw   


JALT 2001

Andy Barfield Aspects of Collocational Knowledge 

Tadamitsu Kamimoto An Examination of Nation’s (1990) Vocabulary Levels Test

Richard Pemberton Listening Success and Connections in the L2 Mental Lexicon: Insights from Case Studies

Jim Ronald Learning about Learning from Dictionaries

Brent Wolter Comparing the L1 and L2 Mental Lexicon: A Depth of Individual Word Knowledge Model



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