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English teaching videos

Last updated Saturday June 05, 2010


This page has a few videos that deal with teaching

Paul Nation (some from the Compass website)

The best vocabulary learning exercises

How large do your students' vocabularies need to be?

Developing Fluency in Reading

How to teach speed reading

Designing vocabulary tasks

Speed reading

Teaching vocabulary

The 4 strands  and more


David Paul (from the Compass website)

Teaching phonics effectively

Teaching children to communicate


Tom Robb (and others on Moodle)

Moodle graded reader module


Richard Day

Get more than just reading

How to teach reading by reading  - Reading is reading




Teaching phonics in Japan

A new kind of graded reader

Extensive reading and English language learners

Foreign language learning the easy way  (Stephen Krashen)

Seven common misconceptions about language learning (Steve Koffmann)


How I choose the next language to learn (Steve Koffmann)


The importance of reading (Steve Koffmann)