These are the directions for you to get to Seishin. It's only about 10 minutes walk from Okayama station.

From the West exit turn right and walk down the road for 5 mins till you get to a big cross roads. The 'Saiseikai' hospital will be on your left. Then cross the road towards the convenience store and then and go down the road to the right of the convenience store. After about a minute you come to a long high wall on your left. From here you have two choices.

Use A if you are walking (and it is before 4:30 pm), or use B) if you are driving, or it is after 4:30 pm. Seishin's front office closes at 4:30, so there will be no one to tell me that you have arrived. The 2 choices are:

A) Go to the main gate to your left. Turn left at the apartment block and go about 100 meters with the wall to your right until you see a gate. Go in there and wait or ask for me.


B) Go to the side gate. Don't turn left, keep going with the wall to your left for about 300 meters until there is an open gate you can drive into. On the left inside the gate there is a guardsman. You can tell him that you want to see me.




If all else fails call me on 086 252 1155 (extension 325)

Notre Dame Seishin University,
2-16-9 Ifuku-cho,
Japan. 700-8516
+81 86 252 1155 (extn. 325)
+81 86 252 5734 (fax)

See you!!