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Seishin's Extensive  Reading Program


There's a video to watch too if you wish.

There are around 2000-3000 books.




Our books with CDs are kept in boxes



We keep our CDs and Audio books locked in here.

In each packet there's the book, the CD, its sleeve and an instruction how to play the CD.


Books with CDs are checked out


We have class sets as well - usually for the first time they read books.

Some titles are recommended reads based on student feedback

Our grading scheme on display

The books have the appropriate tape color on them according to their level brown, yellow, blue etc  right to left.

We have also installed a dummy camera. They cost about $10 and don't work. There's a red LED light that flashes if you put in some batteries. Don't tell the students!!!

Everything important is locked.


Our honor system sign out book.

We also have some native magazines for them to read if they wish