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Chugoku University, Okayama, Japan

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At Chutan we have more than 800 readers arranged into 7 (AA-F) levels and each one has a colored seal on the cover and the level written on the seal. The librarians attach the coding info after I inform them of the level of the book.

All school owned books are kept in a special section of the library. In addition I keep about 150 of my own readers in my office and students go there to get them and I sometimes bring them to class, especially when I get new books.

Affixed inside each book is a small paper with a rating system for students to make after reading. The scale is 5 = great, 4 = good, 3 = OK, 2 = poor, 1 = terrible.

Inside the front cover is the number of words as we just recently changed requirements to word counts from the number of pages read.

 By Richard Lemmer