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Many of these thanks to Rocky Nelson.

Extensive Reading Resources:         (online articles)   (wonderful materials and stories for ESL/EFL learners)      (The Extensive Reading Foundation: promoting and teaching ER)      (world-wide ER discussion listserv)  (Edinburgh University Project on ER)  (online quizzes for over 1000 graded readers & classroom management for teachers)


Graded Readers Levels Test:  (short-cut link) …  Bookworms (  (Cambridge online levels test)        (test your reading skills and speed)


Reading Support Resources:

[Phonics]         (learn to read with phonics)             (Jason Renshaw’s wonderful site for young learners)    (phonics flash cards)            (phonics websites)    (rules for spelling and phonics)        (free phonics tutorial on the web)


[Resources]          (teaching young learners to read and helping strugglers)                (timed repeated reading)         (first words to learn list)  (free printables for teachers)


[Teaching Reading]  (teaching videos on various EFL subjects: phonics, vocabulary, etc.)            (resources for readers and their helpers)       (lesson plans)  (resources and materials for teachers of ESL/EFL to young learners)


Some sites on the Internet that will help you to READ..:               (international digital library for children)  (online illustrated story books for children of all ages)      (KIDSPACE: kids reading zone – 50 resources)  (BBC: learning English content)   (information and materials for young learners, free books and stories)            (easy stories, articles, and current news for EFL readers) (online ER for lower-level EFL readers)                 (resources & purchase Korean extensive reading materials) / follow the links to Tumblebooks, free access  - paid for by New York library: