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This site is meant to supplement The Extensive Reading Pages and the Extensive Reading Foundation websites.

The Extensive Reading Foundation Graded Reader Scale   and graded reader levels

 Here's the link to Rob Waring's Amazon Store so you can look at the titles I've worked on and maybe even buy some...  Amazon don't stock all the Foundations books - I don't know why.

Some good ideas for assessment with things other than book reports.

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   Check out the new Japan Extensive Reading Association website!

   Look at the new Korean English Extensive Reading Association (KEERA) website.  There's not much now, but wait a bit and you'll be surprised...  If you want to join up look for the email discussion list information there. KEERA's Facebook page.

  Join the new Extensive Reading in China discussion group.

  Images and videos from various ER programs world wide. (Added Nov 2010).

If you want to add your own images to this site, just send me the images and a short description. Low resolution images are best.

  Videos about ER (Added Nov 2010)

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Graded reader publishers contact list (unfinished)

   ER presentations by various people.

   Manga and Comics online  Thanks to Scott Peters.

   There's a new Taiwan Extensive Reading Association Facebook page, too.


Various links

The British Council e-reading initiative

101 ideas for Extensive Reading and listening

Check out the online Graded reader assessment scheme at the ER Moodle and YouTube intro.

My latest article - Extensive Reading in ELT

Check out the 2009 Cheonan (S. Korea) ER Symposium handbook. Some great stuff there.

Check out the Extensive Reading Journal (part of the JALT ER Sig). I'll put a link up when I find it...



Consider joining the Extensive Reading email discussion list. It is a free source of information and a place to ask (yes even dumb, basic) questions. Anything except spam and commercial messages are welcomed.

You may be interested in the work of the ER Foundation. It is an organization that promotes ER. It promotes the Language learner Literature Awards.


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